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Undessun - Nhà cung cấp và lắp đặt mái che di động cao cấp Gaviota I The Moible Roof Installer and Supplier.

Mái che di động - Mái che Gaviota - Mái che cao cấp - Mái che nhập khẩu
Mái che di động Undessun là nhà cung cấp và lắp đặt mái che , mái hiên đi động cao cấp Gaviota được nhập khẩu tại Tây Ban Nha.
About Us

Undessun provide quality shade solutions (shading systems) suited to client’s needs. But why install these protection systems? Because shading systems reduce energy consumption and allows for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Protection systems like awning and screens help control the movement of heat and sunlight in a building. In summer, they keep heat from entering and in winter, they help keep it in. These solutions reduce the need for air-conditioning and heating, thereby reducing electrical consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Further, these systems allow you to extend living and dining areas into the outdoors. Having umbrellas or awnings on your patio for example, enable you to enjoy nature without worry of the damaging effects of the sun on your skin and furniture.

Brand Partners

We only use the best in the industry— Gaviota Simbac awning systems, Sunbrella® awning fabrics, SunTex® 95... As such, Undessun combines the features of these components into beautiful, effective and user-friendly products for the home, building and decoration industries. 

Gaviota is a global leading company in the industry of smart awning and rolling shutter systems and accessories. Our sun protection systems are based on innovative, safe, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, developed by a qualified team of over 300 people who are united by effort, research, and commitment to the customer, as well as by the latest technological advances.
We are driven by sustainability and environmental commitment because we know that Sun Protection means energy saving, compliance with the Kyoto Protocol and greater quality of life. This commitment is reinforced with other basic behaviours that our organisation makes its own: sense of anticipation, in order to foresee and create future trends; talent and creativity, promoted and retained in the team; respect to timeliness and customer needs, and the continuous search for alliances with other companies to develop and enrich both local and global markets.
Gaviota’s philosophy differentiates us, as do our figures: a production workshop with more than 1,000 moulds and dies currently running on the machines, 10 million meters of tube and 70 million metallic parts per year stamped and finished, 20 injection machines producing 200,000 pieces per day, 7 robotic production units of aluminium casting that produce 

Sunbrella® Awning Fabrics and Braids

Sunbrella® is a recipient of the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Organization, the only global organization concerned exclusively with cancer of the skin. This is the same protection one gets from any of our supreme shading solutions. Further, having over 140 styles and colors, you are sure to find Sunbrella® fabric choices that will both complement the exterior and coordinate with the interior of your home, building or decoration. Click here to browse the styles.

Made with 100% solution dyed acrylic, Sunbrella® awning braids are guaranteed not to fade, rot or stain, making them a perfect complement to the Undessun awnings.


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