Undessun - Nhà cung cấp và lắp đặt mái che di động cao cấp Gaviota.

Mái che di động Undessun

Mái che nhập khẩu cao cấp

Mái che Gaviota

Mái che di động Gaviota


Maximum dimensions (simple module):                                                                                     

 4,20 m  x  3,00 m. x 6m

Designed to install in: Terraces - Structures - Gardens                                                                                      

Distinguished by:

• Clean lines with invisible connection and hidden screws between post and beam profiles.
• Elegant robustness thanks to its 160 x 160 mm profiles, compatible with GAVIOTA’s glass closure sytems.
• Possibility of extra reinforcement for connection between posts and beams in case of overloading by snow or wind.
• Choice of slat opening direction.
• Option of LED lights in slats and structure.
• Easy and fast connection between slats and driving plate with insertable nuts.
• Single module size 4.20 x 6.00 m (line x projection), with maximum wind resistance class.
• Customised design.
• Highly resistant and watertight rotating slats thanks to their shape and rubber seal between them.
• During the rain, the closed slats offer total protection against water. The specially designed slats add protection against water when opened at 90º after a rain, because they continue to drain to the sides so that the space underneath is protected.
• Only 1 motor per module is required.
• Unrestricted dimensioning, thanks to the 2 fixed compensation slats.
• Compatible with GAVIOTA’s range of vertical systems.

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